Libero Search New Items List of search items. en-us LIBERO, Pty Ltd. Fri, 29 Oct 2021 01:36:31 GMT 5 The unicorn whisperer: another Phoebe and her unicorn adventure / Dana Simpson. Shelf: <br />Author: Simpson, Dana, 1977-<br />Year: 2019<br /> Excel HSC essay writing made easy : get the results you want! / Stephen McLaren. Shelf: <br />Author: McLaren, Stephen<br />Year: 2020<br /> The unwilling twin / Freya Blackwood. Shelf: <br />Author: Blackwood, Freya<br />Year: 2020<br /> Captivate : the science of succeeding with people / Vanessa Van Edwards. Shelf: <br />Author: Edwards, Vanessa van<br />Year: 2018<br /> Zoo Patrol Squad. 1, Kingdom caper / Brett Bean. Shelf: <br />Author: Bean, Brett<br />Year: 2020<br /> Aminaand#39;s song / Hena Khan. Shelf: <br />Author: Khan, Hena<br />Year: 2021<br /> Boy overboard / Morris Gleitzman. Shelf: <br />Author: Gleitzman, Morris, 1953-<br />Year: 2003<br /> Jasper andamp; Scruff take a bow / Nicola Colton. Shelf: <br />Author: Colton, Nicola, 1983-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Jeremy worried about the wind / Pamela Butchart andamp; Kate Hindley. Shelf: <br />Author: Butchart, Pamela<br />Year: 2020<br /> Splatoon squid kids comedy show. 3 / story and art Hideki Goto ; translation: Tetsuichiro Miyaki ; English adaptation: Bryant Turnage ; lettering: John Hunt. Shelf: <br />Author: Goto, Hideki, 1974-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Table manners for tigers / Zanna Davidson ; illustrated by Alison Friend. Shelf: <br />Author: Davidson, Zanna<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Tea Dragon tapestry / written andamp; illustrated by Kay Oand#39;Neill ; lettered by Crank! ; edited by Ari Yarwood ; designed by Kate Z. Stone. Shelf: <br />Author: O'Neill, Katie (Cartoonist)<br />Year: 2021<br /> To your eternity. 12 / Yoshitoki Oima ; translation: Steven LeCroy ; lettering: Darren Smith. Shelf: <br />Author: Ōima, Yoshitoki<br />Year: 2020<br /> To your eternity. 13 / Yoshitoki Oima ; [translation: Steven LeCroy ; lettering: Darren Smith]. Shelf: <br />Author: Ōima, Yoshitoki<br />Year: 2020<br /> Willow Moss and the vanished kingdom / Dominique Valente ; illustrated by Sarah Warburton. Shelf: <br />Author: Valente, Dominique<br />Year: 2021<br /> You get what you get and you donand#39;t get upset! / [text and illustrations by Heath McKenzie]. Shelf: <br />Author: McKenzie, Heath<br />Year: 2020<br /> Your birthday was the best! / Maggie Hutchings, Felicita Sala. Shelf: <br />Author: Hutchings, Maggie<br />Year: 2020<br /> Chip blip / Cameron Macintosh ; [illustrated by] Dave Atze. Shelf: <br />Author: Macintosh, Cameron<br />Year: 2020<br /> Dead Max comix. Book 3, Bully for you! / by Dana Sullivan. Shelf: <br />Author: Sullivan, Dana, 1958-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Frog vs Toad / Ben Mantle. Shelf: <br />Author: Mantle, Ben<br />Year: 2021<br /> Gamora and Nebula : sisters in arms / Mackenzi Lee. Shelf: <br />Author: Lee, Mackenzi<br />Year: 2021<br /> Mob Fu master / by Zack Zombie. Shelf: <br />Author: Zombie, Zack (Fictitious character)<br />Year: 2021<br /> Namesake / Adrienne Young. Shelf: <br />Author: Young, Adrienne, 1985-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Raging wool / Nathan Luff, Chris Kennett. Shelf: <br />Author: Luff, Nathan<br />Year: 2021<br /> Rumaysa : a fairytale / Radiya Hafiza ; illustrated by Rhaida El Touny. Shelf: <br />Author: Hafiza, Radiya<br />Year: 2021<br /> Starfish / Lisa Fipps. Shelf: <br />Author: Fipps, Lisa<br />Year: 2021<br /> The tale of Mr. Moon / Emily May. Shelf: <br />Author: May, Emily<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Tindims and the ten green bottles / Sally Gardner andamp; Lydia Corry. Shelf: <br />Author: Gardner, Sally<br />Year: 2021<br /> Welcome to Furtopia : an unofficial novel for fans of Animal Crossing / Winter Morgan. Shelf: <br />Author: Morgan, Winter<br />Year: 2021<br /> Work on your accent / Helen Ashton andamp; Sarah Shepherd. Shelf: <br />Author: Ashton, Helen (Voice coach)<br />Year: 2020<br /> Long story short. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Tinker Bell and the pirate fairy. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2014<br /> Sharks / author and consultant, Sarah Fowler, OBE. Shelf: <br />Author: Fowler, Sarah L.<br />Year: 2017<br /> Bugs / author: Andrea Mills ; subject consultant: Kristie Reddick. Shelf: <br />Author: Mills, Andrea<br />Year: 2017<br /> Explorers from 1788 to the present / Linsie Tan. Shelf: <br />Author: Tan, Linsie<br />Year: 2017<br /> From the ancient explorers to James Cook / Linsie Tan. Shelf: <br />Author: Tan, Linsie<br />Year: 2017<br /> Reptiles and amphibians / author and consultant: Chris Mattison. Shelf: <br />Author: Mattison, Chris<br />Year: 2017<br /> Schooling, service and the Great War / Australian Government, Department of Veteransand#39; Affairs. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2014<br /> Thatand#39;s where I find you / Norliah Syer andamp; Matt Howorth. Shelf: <br />Author: Syer, Norliah<br />Year: 2018<br /> Fashion show fiasco / Megan Hess. Shelf: <br />Author: Hess, Megan (Fashion illustrator)<br />Year: 2019<br /> Little Unicorn is sad / Aurélie Chien Chow Chine ; [translation by Philippa Wingate] Shelf: <br />Author: Chien Chow Chine, Aurélie<br />Year: 2019<br /> Baby and toddler meal prep plan / Keda Black. Shelf: <br />Author: Black, Keda<br />Year: 2020<br /> I was a ... box / Emily Kington. Shelf: <br />Author: Kington, Emily, 1961-<br />Year: 2019<br /> I was a ... paper plate or cup / Emily Kington. Shelf: <br />Author: Kington, Emily, 1961-<br />Year: 2019<br /> I was a ... paper roll / Emily Kington. Shelf: <br />Author: Kington, Emily, 1961-<br />Year: 2019<br /> I was an ... egg carton! / by Emily Kington. Shelf: <br />Author: Kington, Emily, 1961-<br />Year: 2019<br /> Food for babies andamp; toddlers / editorial and food director, Sophia Young. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Weird dinosaurs / by Emily Kington. Shelf: <br />Author: Kington, Emily, 1961-<br />Year: 2020<br /> Sneaky dinosaurs / by Emily Kington. Shelf: <br />Author: Kington, Emily, 1961-<br />Year: 2019<br /> Small and tall dinosaurs / by Emily Kington. Shelf: <br />Author: Kington, Emily, 1961-<br />Year: 2019<br /> Scary dinosaurs / by Emily Kington. Shelf: <br />Author: Kington, Emily, 1961-<br />Year: 2019<br /> Volcano andamp; Earthquake. Shelf: <br />Author: Van Rose, Susanna<br />Year: 2019<br /> Flight / Sue Becklake. Shelf: <br />Author: Becklake, Sue<br />Year: 2010<br /> Great scientists / John Farndon. Shelf: <br />Author: Farndon, John<br />Year: 2012<br /> Snakes / Barbara Taylor ; consultant: Camilla de la Bedoyere. Shelf: <br />Author: Taylor, Barbara, 1954-<br />Year: 2017<br /> Saving the Earth / Anna Claybourne. Shelf: <br />Author: Claybourne, Anna<br />Year: 2016<br /> Deep ocean / Camilla De la Bedoyere. Shelf: <br />Author: De la Bédoyère, Camilla<br />Year: 2014<br /> Spiders / Camilla de la Bedoyere ; consultant: Steve Parker. Shelf: <br />Author: De la Bédoyère, Camilla<br />Year: 2014<br /> Planet Earth. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2013<br /> Evolution / Sally Morgan ; consultant Steve Parker. Shelf: <br />Author: Morgan, Sally, 1957-<br />Year: 2014<br /> Extreme Earth / Anna Claybourne. Shelf: <br />Author: Claybourne, Anna<br />Year: 2017<br /> Oceans / Clare Oliver ; consultant Clive Carpenter. Shelf: <br />Author: Oliver, Clare<br />Year: 2014<br /> The happy health plan : simple and tasty plant-based food to nourish your body inside and out / David andamp; Stephen Flynn ; with photography by Chris Terry ; recipe photography by Maja Smend. Shelf: <br />Author: Flynn, David<br />Year: 2020<br /> Year 12 mathematics advanced / Lyn Baker. Shelf: <br />Author: Baker, Lyn<br />Year: 2020<br /> Habitats / Harriet Brundle. Shelf: <br />Author: Brundle, Harriet<br />Year: 2019<br /> Transport : from walking to space travel / Rachel Dixon. Shelf: <br />Author: Dixon, Rachel<br />Year: 2020<br /> Food and cooking / Rachel Dixon. Shelf: <br />Author: Dixon, Rachel<br />Year: 2020<br /> Schools and education / Rachel Dixon. Shelf: <br />Author: Dixon, Rachel<br />Year: 2020<br /> Toys and games / Rachel Dixon. Shelf: <br />Author: Dixon, Rachel<br />Year: 2020<br /> Human body / Harriet Brundle. Shelf: <br />Author: Brundle, Harriet<br />Year: 2019<br /> Dragon soldiers. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Doctor Strange. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2017<br /> A midsummer nightand#39;s dream / retold by Mairi Mackinnon ; illustrated by Simona Bursi. Shelf: <br />Author: Mackinnon, Mairi<br />Year: 2017<br /> Fodorand#39;s essential Australia / Amy Nelmes Bissett, Dan Broun, Kaeli Conforti, Jacob Dean, Melissa Fagan, Skye Gilkeson, Belinda Jackson, Molly McLaughlin, Jennifer Morton, Rachel Singer. Shelf: <br />Author: Bissett, Amy Nelmes<br />Year: 2019<br /> I love my tutu! / by Frances Gilbert ; illustrated by Eren Unten. Shelf: <br />Author: Gilbert, Frances, 1969-<br />Year: 2019<br /> Asterix and the chieftainand#39;s daughter / written by Jean-Yves Ferri ; illustrated by Didier Conrad ; translated by Adriana Hunter ; colour by Thierry Mébarki. Shelf: <br />Author: Ferri, Jean-Yves<br />Year: 2019<br /> Busy beaks / Sarah Allen. Shelf: <br />Author: Allen, Sarah (Illustrator)<br />Year: 2020<br /> Zack Snyderand#39;s Justice League. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Beetlejuice. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2000<br /> The outcast / Taran Matharu. Shelf: <br />Author: Matharu, Taran<br />Year: 2018<br /> The lost plot / Genevieve Cogman. Shelf: <br />Author: Cogman, Genevieve<br />Year: 2017<br /> The mortal word / Genevieve Cogman. Shelf: <br />Author: Cogman, Genevieve<br />Year: 2018<br /> The Kremlin strike / Dale Brown. Shelf: <br />Author: Brown, Dale, 1956-<br />Year: 2019<br /> The burning page / Genevieve Cogman. Shelf: <br />Author: Cogman, Genevieve<br />Year: 2016<br /> Get your sh*t together : how to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do / Sarah Knight. Shelf: <br />Author: Knight, Sarah (Freelance editor)<br />Year: 2016<br /> Babyand#39;s first Christmas / written by Sally Beets. Shelf: <br />Author: Beets, Sally<br />Year: 2018<br /> Extreme measures / Vince Flynn. Shelf: <br />Author: Flynn, Vince, 1966-2013<br />Year: 2012<br /> How Lulu lost her mind / Rachel Gibson. Shelf: <br />Author: Gibson, Rachel<br />Year: 2020<br /> Liseyand#39;s story / Stephen King. Shelf: <br />Author: King, Stephen, 1947-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Autism mothers speak out : stories of advocacy and activism from around the world / edited by Maggi Golding and Jill Stacey. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2018<br /> Life in a coral reef : [VOX Reader edition] / by Kari Schuetz. Shelf: <br />Author: Schuetz, Kari<br />Year: 2019<br /> A guide to understanding autism : an innovative approach to autism for parents, caregivers, siblings, and teachers / Edith Boardman MA Ed. Shelf: <br />Author: Boardman, Edith<br />Year: 2019<br /> How the Grinch stole Christmas. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2015<br /> The Lorax / by Dr. Seuss. Shelf: <br />Author: Seuss, Dr<br />Year: 2004<br /> Going to the volcano / Andy Stanton ; [illustrated by] Miguel Ordóñez. Shelf: <br />Author: Stanton, Andy<br />Year: 2018<br /> Victoria Bubbles and the great preschool adventure / written by Lizzie Dingle ; illustrated by Andrew McIntosh. Shelf: <br />Author: Dingle, Lizzie<br />Year: 2019<br /> Richard Scarryand#39;s Busy busy cars and trucks. Shelf: <br />Author: Scarry, Richard<br />Year: 2019<br /> Cattle drive. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Blackbird. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Boss level. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Greenland. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Human capital. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Reunion. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Hudson Hawk. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> The night diary / Veera Hiranandani. Shelf: <br />Author: Hiranandani, Veera<br />Year: 2018<br /> When good geeks go bad / Catherine Wilkins. Shelf: <br />Author: Wilkins, Catherine (Teen fiction writer)<br />Year: 2019<br /> A Cornish summer / Catherine Alliott. Shelf: <br />Author: Alliott, Catherine<br />Year: 2019<br /> The demon prince of Momochi House. Volume 7 / story andamp; art by Aya Shouoto ; translation, JN Productions ; touch up art andamp; lettering, Inori Fukuda Trant. Shelf: <br />Author: Shouoto, Aya, 1977-<br />Year: 2015<br /> The demon prince of Momochi House. Volume 3 / story andamp; art by Aya Shouoto ; translation JN Productions ; touch-up art andamp; lettering, Inori Fukuda Trant. Shelf: <br />Author: Shouoto, Aya, 1977-<br />Year: 2016<br /> The sword of summer / Rick Riordan. Shelf: <br />Author: Riordan, Rick<br />Year: 2015<br /> Baby loves the five senses : Touch! / Ruth Spiro ; illustrated by Irene Chan. Shelf: <br />Author: Spiro, Ruth<br />Year: 2020<br /> The bounty / Janet Evanovich and Steve Hamilton. Shelf: <br />Author: Evanovich, Janet<br />Year: 2021<br /> Happy birthday to me / Stacy Gregg ; illustrations Ruth Paul. Shelf: <br />Author: Gregg, Stacy<br />Year: 2018<br /> The frightful ride of Michael McMichael / Bonny Becker ; illustrated by Mark Fearing. Shelf: B<br />Author: Becker, Bonny<br />Year: 2018<br /> The hound of the Baskervilles : a Sherlock Holmes adventure / Arthur Conan Doyle. Shelf: <br />Author: Doyle, Arthur Conan, 1859-1930<br />Year: 2017<br /> Chaos walking. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Lowdown dirty criminals. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> The unholy. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Cormorant run / Lilith Saintcrow. Shelf: <br />Author: Saintcrow, Lilith<br />Year: 2017<br /> All you need is love / written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney ; illustrated by Marc Rosenthal. Shelf: <br />Author: Lennon, John, 1940-1980<br />Year: 2019<br /> The game plan. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2008<br /> Too scared to tell : abused and alone, Oskar has no one. a true story / Cathy Glass. Shelf: <br />Author: Glass, Cathy<br />Year: 2020<br /> Ellieand#39;s dragon / Bob Graham. Shelf: <br />Author: Graham, Bob, 1942-<br />Year: 2020<br /> I can wear anything! / Susann Hoffmann. Shelf: <br />Author: Hoffmann, Susann<br />Year: 2021<br /> On the night of the shooting star / Amy Hest ; illustrated by Jenni Desmond. Shelf: <br />Author: Hest, Amy<br />Year: 2017<br /> Cambridge checkpoints NSW 2019-2020 English standard year 12 / Mel Dixon andamp; Kate Murphy. Shelf: <br />Author: Dixon, Mel<br />Year: 2018<br /> Hilda and the hidden people / written by Stephen Davies ; illustrated by Seaerra Miller. Shelf: <br />Author: Davies, Stephen, 1976-<br />Year: 2018<br /> Patrick. (2018) Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Fatima. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Just like you / Nick Hornby ; read by Ben Bailey-Smith and Hattie Ladbury. Shelf: <br />Author: Hornby, Nick<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Croods : a new age. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Annie Hall. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2013<br /> Judi Denchand#39;s wild Borneo adventure. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> O : the Oprah magazine. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2000<br /> Anthem for doomed youth / Carola Dunn. Shelf: <br />Author: Dunn, Carola<br />Year: 2011<br /> The Spanish promise / Karen Swan. Shelf: <br />Author: Swan, Karen (Writer)<br />Year: 2019<br /> National geographic traveller. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2011<br /> Sea fever. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Redemption day. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Churchill andamp; Son / Josh Ireland. Shelf: <br />Author: Ireland, Josh, 1981-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Judas horse / Lynda La Plante. Shelf: <br />Author: La Plante, Lynda<br />Year: 2021<br /> Godzilla vs. Kong. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Toy Story. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2013<br /> Hope Springs (2009) Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2009<br /> Assault / Brian Falkner. Shelf: <br />Author: Falkner, Brian<br />Year: 2011<br /> Sea turtle rescue / Thea Stilton ; illustrations by Barbara Pellizzari (pencils) and Francesco Castelli (color) ; translated by Andrea Schaffer. Shelf: <br />Author: Stilton, Thea<br />Year: 2017<br /> The time machine / H. G. Wells ; adaptation and activities by Derek Sellen ; illustrated by Paolo Dand#39;altan. Shelf: <br />Author: Sellen, Derek<br />Year: 2018<br /> The tortoise and the hare / [illustrated by] Bruce Whatley. Shelf: <br />Author: Whatley, Bruce<br />Year: 2020<br /> 28 summers : a novel / Elin Hilderbrand. Shelf: <br />Author: Hilderbrand, Elin<br />Year: 2020<br /> Where no ravens fly / Harry Jay Thorn. Shelf: <br />Author: Thorn, Harry Jay<br />Year: 2021<br /> Brideshead revisited. The complete series. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Crisis. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Occupation. Rainfall. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Cosmic sin. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Sparklesplash meets the mermaids / Daisy Meadows. Shelf: <br />Author: Meadows, Daisy<br />Year: 2019<br /> Kiss the girls. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Under the rainbow : the life and times of EW Cole / Richard Broinowski. Shelf: <br />Author: Broinowski, Richard P.<br />Year: 2020<br /> Boruto : Volume 10, Heand#39;s bad news : Naruto next generations / creator/supervisor, Masashi Kishimoto ; art by Mikio Ikemoto ; script by Ukyo Kodachi ; translation, Mari Morimoto ; touch-up art andamp; lettering, Snir Aharon. Shelf: <br />Author: Kodachi, Ukyo, 1979-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Delicates / Brenna Thummler. Shelf: <br />Author: Thummler, Brenna<br />Year: 2021<br /> Books of magic. Volume three, Dwelling in possibility / written by Kat Howard, David Barnett, Simon Spurrier ; art by Tom Fowler, Craig Taillefer ; colors by Jordan Boyd, Marissa Louise, Brian Reber ; letters by Todd Klein. Shelf: <br />Author: Howard, Kat<br />Year: 2021<br /> Edens zero. 10 / Hiro Mashima ; translation: Alethea Nibley andamp; Athena Nibley ; lettering: AndWorld Design. Shelf: <br />Author: Mashima, Hiro, 1977-<br />Year: 2020<br /> For life. Season one. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> The bad guys. Episode 4, Attack of the Zittens / Aaron Blabey. Shelf: <br />Author: Blabey, Aaron<br />Year: 2016<br /> Wo zi ji de bo wu guan / wen, tu Aima Luyisi ; fan yi Wu Qihong. Shelf: <br />Author: Lewis, Emma<br />Year: 2018<br /> The jungle book. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2014<br /> NCIS, Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The complete sixteenth season. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> Dead man walking : the murky world of Michael McGurk and Ron Medich / Kate McClymont with Vanda Carson. Shelf: <br />Author: McClymont, Kate<br />Year: 2019<br /> Pavi Sharmaand#39;s guide to going home / Bridget Farr. Shelf: <br />Author: Farr, Bridget<br />Year: 2019<br /> The power of positive pranking / by Nat Amoore. Shelf: <br />Author: Amoore, Nat<br />Year: 2020<br /> Haikyu!!. 40, Affirmation / story and art by Haruichi Furudate ; translation, Adrienne Beck ; touch-up art andamp; lettering, Erika Terriquez. Shelf: <br />Author: Furudate, Haruichi, 1983-<br />Year: 2020<br /> Pendulum / Adam Hamdy. Shelf: <br />Author: Hamdy, Adam, 1974-<br />Year: 2016<br /> What weand#39;ll build : plans for our together future / Oliver Jeffers. Shelf: <br />Author: Jeffers, Oliver<br />Year: 2020<br /> Wander. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> The three musketeers / Alexandre Dumas ; retold by C.S. Woolley ; [illustrations by Beyher Lyubomyr Adrianovich]. Shelf: <br />Author: Woolley, C. S.<br />Year: 2019<br /> Eventown / Corey Ann Haydu. Shelf: <br />Author: Haydu, Corey Ann<br />Year: 2019<br /> The invisible load : a guide to overcoming stress andamp; overwhelm / Dr Libby Weaver. Shelf: <br />Author: Weaver, Libby, 1974-<br />Year: 2019<br /> When you trap a tiger / Tae Keller. Shelf: <br />Author: Keller, Tae<br />Year: 2020<br /> Five hundred miles from you / Jenny Colgan. Shelf: <br />Author: Colgan, Jenny<br />Year: 2021<br /> Respect / Aunty Fay Muir andamp; Sue Lawson ; illustrated by Lisa Kennedy. Shelf: <br />Author: Muir, Fay<br />Year: 2020<br /> What stars are made of / Sarah Allen. Shelf: <br />Author: Allen, Sarah<br />Year: 2020<br /> Soon / Libby Gleeson ; [illustrated by] Jedda Robaard. Shelf: <br />Author: Gleeson, Libby, 1950-<br />Year: 2020<br /> Girl from the sea / Margaret Wild and Jane Tanner. Shelf: <br />Author: Wild, Margaret, 1948-<br />Year: 2020<br /> Bin chicken / Kate and Jol Temple ; illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh. Shelf: <br />Author: Temple, Kate<br />Year: 2020<br /> The biscuit maker / Sue Lawson, Liz Anelli. Shelf: <br />Author: Lawson, Sue, 1963-<br />Year: 2020<br /> Wolfred / Nick Bland. Shelf: <br />Author: Bland, Nick, 1973-<br />Year: 2020<br /> Sing me the summer / Jane Godwin and Alison Lester. Shelf: <br />Author: Godwin, Jane, 1964-<br />Year: 2020<br /> My shadow is pink / Scott Stuart Shelf: <br />Author: Stuart, Scott<br />Year: 2020<br /> My mum is magnificent / Roald Dahl ; illustrated by Quentin Blake. Shelf: <br />Author: Dahl, Roald<br />Year: 2021<br /> Jelly-Boy / Nicole Godwin, Christopher Nielsen. Shelf: <br />Author: Godwin, Nicole<br />Year: 2020<br /> Littlelight / by Kelly Canby. Shelf: <br />Author: Canby, Kelly<br />Year: 2020<br /> Florence andamp; Fox / Zanni Louise andamp; Anna Pignataro. Shelf: <br />Author: Louise, Zanni<br />Year: 2021<br /> This small blue dot / Zeno Sworder. Shelf: <br />Author: Sworder, Zeno<br />Year: 2020<br /> My story = Ngaginybe jarragbe / Shirley Purdie ; Gija translation by Eileen Bray. Shelf: <br />Author: Purdie, Shirley, 1948-<br />Year: 2020<br /> Who am I? / Philip Bunting. Shelf: <br />Author: Bunting, Phil<br />Year: 2020<br /> Your neighbourand#39;s wife / Tony Parsons. Shelf: <br />Author: Parsons, Tony, 1953-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Keeping Faith. Series three. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Alone. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Mallee boys / Charlie Archbold. Shelf: <br />Author: Archbold, Charlie<br />Year: 2017<br /> Castles / author: Philip Steele ; consultant: Dr Jenny Benham. Shelf: <br />Author: Steele, Philip, 1948-<br />Year: 2019<br /> Fearless / Fern Michaels. Shelf: <br />Author: Michaels, Fern<br />Year: 2020<br /> Bindi / by Kirli Saunders ; illustrations by Dub Leffler. Shelf: <br />Author: Saunders, Kirli<br />Year: 2020<br /> Game on! 2021 : the ultimate guide to gaming! / [editor, Stuart Andrews]. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Grumpy Unicorn hits the road : a graphic novel / Joey Spiotto. Shelf: <br />Author: Spiotto, Joey<br />Year: 2020<br /> On the farm with a Ladybird : with fun trails to follow and first words / writteny by Dawn Sirett ; project art editor: Charlotte Bull ; designed by Sadie Thomas. Shelf: <br />Author: Sirett, Dawn<br />Year: 2021<br /> Nomadland. Shelf: <br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br />